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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


rev. todd

Thanks man, this is very good and thought provoking. It gets down to some of the real issues at stake here! I always appreciate your insights...


Definitely truth. I find another aspect of our culture funny... part of the whole ridiculous following of the celebrity scene also comes this entitlement to pass judgments on people that we would never say out loud if they were real people that we do life with every day. This goes for politicians (e.g. 2008 elections... on both sides of the fence), celebrities, popular pastors, ect. We (including I, unfortunately) assume that we have a license to spout off about every little thing that we have a problem with in someone's life. Christians seem to lead the pack in this too. So unfortunate and so un-grace.

It is beneficial for us to constantly be reminding ourselves of the gospel in our lives. Not memorizing tracts or something... but, reminding ourselves that apart from God looking down from Heaven and selecting us to redeem, we would be far worse that Michael Jackson or whoever else we think is so bad. We have that same sin nature at our core. Glory to God that we are any different... not glory to our good works or anything that we can take credit for.

Good reminder to always filter our thoughts through grace.

Chris Miles

Thad,this is a very good challenge that you have issued. I have been thinking about how we display grace for a while. It in large part has to do deal with the church's attitude toward homosexuals. Its been strange to see the differing approaches. Some believe they are extending grace but are really just rationalizing sin and others tend to have the attitude that grace is solely God's job. In regards to MJ I have been wrestling with the thought that I hope he died before he messed with his own kids. It is a thought that is totally absent of grace and one that I hate that I have. I also had similar thoughts a few weeks ago in regards to that abortion doctor. I pray that grace will be what I become better at giving rather than condemnation.

Wayne (Pops)

Extremely insightful! A challenge to my heart and to anyone who will take the time to carefully consider the truths you've pointed out. I, like you, have a much greater problem with the issue of how we 'immortalize' public figures to excess than I do with whether or not God's grace should be extended to them. As for grace, I constantly come to the sharp reminder that His loving grace and mercy is equally available to every living soul and I should appropriately be 'somewhere near the back of the line.'


Holy hooch. How did I not know Thad blogs?

Putting you on my feed reader yesterday.

-Michael's wife

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