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Saturday, May 27, 2006



Good comments all around. I don't know about tense though I was waiting for at least one song NOT about their descent to infamy. Maybe they should sing David Hasselhoff songs with Dirk.



You know there is a history of dancing with corpses in country music videos. I couldn't find the clip but here are the lyrics:



Make that:



I think people were annoyed with what the chick said because she got all up in arms that people disagreed with her. Death threats aren't good, but apparently she thinks she has free speech and other people who disagree don't. I don't care what she thinks. But it's irritating that she thinks I should care. Yes, she does want me to care about what she thinks because she used a public setting to announce her opinion on something. She's a singer, not a talk show host (although I suppose you could be both, but she's not). Why do many famous people think they are experts on everything?

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