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Wednesday, July 13, 2005



Thanks for the laughter and tears. Ok, I really didn't cry. I'm surprised you omitted David Letterman among your many thoughts but I guess this wasn't an all-inclusive list of the products of your brain activity. Letterman is pretty great, though. He ranks right up there with bacon.


Weird. That's the same list I have.


It's nice to laugh and even better to know that you're not dead.
I like turkey, especially the kind that is processed into wafer thin sheets and packaged as sandwich meat. If it isn't really turkey then I really like the mystery substance that is processed into wafer thin sheets and packaged as "turkey" sandwich meat.


I'll be praying for you and your family for the birth of your daughter. Are you feeling old yet?

I'm with you about Lance. I think he's just a freak of nature.

Live8 vs. Celebrate freedom. Hummmm. I think this is comparing apples to oranges, but some interesting thoughts come to mind. (Live8 is supposed to be about helping the poor and such where Celebrate Freedom is supposed to be a fun event for families to celebrate July 4th). It seems to me that it's extemely easy to be hipicritical when talking about helping the poor. Are all these rock stars really helping the poor by singing? I mean you can get a whole bunch of people together and sing Kum-bye-yah and make everyone feel warm and fuzzy, but are you really helping people? I guess you could make a case that there are some jobs to be had during the event. How much do rich rock stars actually give to the poor? I by no means have any room to talk, but I just wonder what the motivation really is. I would hope that some of them really do have good hearts.

To me, the best way to help the poor is to give to them when they are in need and while doing that, teach them the things they need to know so they can give to someone in need in the future. As the saying goes, "Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime"



If poor people are anything like my coworkers, their philosophy is, "Whether you give me a fish or teach me how to fish, in six months when I need a fish I'll give you a call because I'm too stupid to remember or too lazy to do it myself."


Ah yes, the entitlement mentality. People like this aren't poor, they're idiots.

Being poor in the US is an attitude problem. Being poor in many places in the world is a tyranical leadership problem.


Yikes. I'm not sure we're really getting the point of all that. Without getting too preachy, let me just make a couple of clarifications.

Never mind, I’m going to post about this separately.


Now that we've steered all that talk to another topic, back to the original comments...

Matt: Please be more sensitive. I'd never include both Letterman and bacon in the same post out of respect for his heart condition.

Darren: My post is a list including a couple of sublists. Clarification please.

Scott: I contend that all white meats derived from dead birds are overrated. Chicken in particular has to be the most overrated meat of all. Chicken only tastes good if you put stuff that tastes good on or around it. Beef can stand on its own. Obviously bacon and other pork can do the same. Chicken, no way. Anyone trying to hack down a dry chicken breast knows this, and you're just a health-poser if you insist otherwise.



Okay, I was actually talking about the 20 songs. And no, maybe that's not my exact list but certainly a worthy list of contenders.

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