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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


michael shane


i have read your intro and the other blogs you referenced, but I am wanting to hear more of your thoughts on this since you wrote "Let me clarify that I'm not an apologist for a particular group or movement....Those conversations and groups are also, at times, loaded down with stuff that I find silly."

i am always open to listening to what the Lord reveals to my brothers as my life changed fairly dramatically 3 years ago and i, myself, have heard accusations of heresy, etc...


uhmm, sure, absolutely....your "theology" should always be changing because we're in a constant, dynamic thing called "relationship" with Him, not "the studying" of Him. It reminds me of the slight distinction between Moses and the Israelites. Israel followed their God (sometimes) but Moses knew His ways. I love it.

Systematic theology is such a bizarre concept to me. For that matter, theology itself lacks real content. I have good friend who is all hopped up on theology and I bet it pisses him off to read the New Testament and realize.....there are no admonitions, no recognition, nothing pertaining to theologians. They aren't in the Ephesians 4 line-up; truth be told, they fall somewhere in between the Scribes and the lawyers and Jesus thought a lot of these guys!

It is a wonderful thing to enter into humility on the level of being able to say the following to God..."whatever I have thought I have known about you is up for grabs. I'm not committed to any of it and I am for damn sure not going to swallow what others say about you; I MUST know You for You, who You say You are is all that matters to me. I don't even care if I can make sense of it or explain it to my brother. I've got to have more of You than I have right now."

That is the sort of recklessness I hear in the entry point of your saga described above. By the way, "heresy" simply defined is "an opinion or doctrine contrary to church dogma". Fine. I think I'm fine with that.

I used to try and find guardrails, protective boundaries of theology to protect myself and "the church" from slipping into debauchery and heresy. There aren't any, really, that reckless abandonment in pursuit of God is the only protective layer that keeps our feet from slipping. Everything else, however good it may seem, will ultimately prevent us from going further with Him.

I dunno. I am rambling again, but this was a great post. I for one am all over it and ready for the next edition.
Also, nice poop story.

Joe Bullock

Just a thought that has changed everything. It comes from John, the beloved who recorded the response to the question "What are the works of God?": "To believe in the apostle [the one He has sent]" (Apostle here is Christ as revealed in Hebrews "Jesus, the apostle...") Your comments are exciting and wonderous. Have you done any Godly works lately? Just wondering. That has been a most difficult teaching for me over the past twenty years. Yes, I'm old, fat, and ugly--mostly fat and ugly--but I'm trying to grow familiar with that new station in life God has called me to. You, too, will find it most challenging. I pray for your endurance and strength [which is in existance now] and lift thanksgivings for all that He has, is, and will do with you as you do His work. Community, Emergent, Kingdom, Bible, teaching and teachers...all interesting topics. Looking forward to hearing.


I've been meditating on grace these days, and in these readings it keeps standing out to me. Have you read Philip Yancey's book, "What's So Amazing About Grace?"? What are your thoughts?

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