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Monday, June 06, 2005



1) You're not crazy, but according to some people a crazy man wrote that.

1.1) It might just be the friendliest Jewish student center...after all, it is in Texas.

Power to the kosher peeps


Jews are fun folks and INCREDIBLY friendly. I mean, didn't you see the fair treatment the invading aliens received in Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"? HE WROTE THEM A WELCOME SONG FOR GOD'S SAKE! A pompous Aryan director would never make the same efforts(see Emmerick's Independence Day). I believe their suffering as a people group for, you know, millenia, has given them a certain sympathy for the down-trodden and I for one applaud JEWS EVERYWHERE for being the FRIENDLIEST darn folks around.


Also, I know those guys over there at the soon-to-be-mega-church that does the flyers. I know all three of their staff guys by some VERY odd coincidence. They are good folks who love God and people; they are just doing the deal the best they know how. I know that you and I scratch our heads (perhaps it's the body wash) at their crazy antics and their contamination of the Kingdom with American business practices --- but I find it increasingly difficult to go after folks who do as they've been instructed to do by a religious system that says "this is how you do church today". They've sat in classes and read books that say "this is the way, walk ye in it". The best I can do is saddle up next to them, love 'em, and speak as truthfully as I can. Don't get me wrong, it is as disgusting for me as it is for everyone who looks on with jaws dropped and brows furrowed-- but "they will know us by our love" haunts the hell out of this soul of mine. I can't knowingly do violence to this Body in which I am apart or bitch slap the Lord's Bride -- He won't smile on that, I don't think.


Good thoughts, Mark. I'm not against you, and I hope I haven't been cruel or condemning toward people in my commments. I think I'm more interested in asking the kinds of questions I asked than I am in throwing out wholesale condemnation theses days, though I can certainly be guilty of the latter in less redeeming moments. I've been a part of a church plant much like the one I refer to, and I value that experience and love those people. I'm not even opposed to public messaging, per se. There's just a way of doing things that I'm increasingly uncomfortable with, and I wonder how we can lovingly poke around the assumptions, motives, and behaviors that we've taken on to help each other live more fully as partakers of the Kingdom. Even though I think there's a place for talking honestly about the absurdity of some of what we do (and I do mean we), I'm more interested all the time in how we can communicate, love, and affirm one another across divides of theology, lifestyle, and practice.


Good words by both Fad and Ace (no, twas not too over the top, amigo).

I would like to throw in that the boys at P&G would absolutely NOT have used that 3X terminology without it meaning SOMETHING. I happen to know a big, big boy on the Old Spice line (his name is Chris Heirert), and I will ask him about this stupidity. I can't stand when I see things like "GUARANTEED!" on a product label. What does that mean? Guaranteed--or what? What's the guarantee?


Yes, I am quite interested in this little investigation. My sincere hope is that the guarantee means this:

If independent inspectors do not determine that you are, three times as clean as _____ (a monkey?), the nice folks at Old Spice brand High Endurance Body Wash will come to your home and meticulously scrub you until you are "3X CLEAN." Now that, friends, would be a guarantee.

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